About Us

Bethany Church was established in November 2008. We are ordinary people from diverse backgrounds. We’re IT professionals, business people, government workers, school teachers, medical professionals, and home makers. We live imperfect lives and haven’t got life figured out by any means. But the common thread that binds us together is that we've been shown extraordinary truth about life through God's Word. We've come together as a community in response to the love Jesus Christ has shown us, and we're committed to reaching out, growing together in that love, and serving one another as well as our communities.

Bethany Church exists to bring glory to God by Connecting with God, Connecting with others, and Connecting others with God.

We are making disciples of Jesus Christ, studying and obeying God's Word, and generously sharing God's love with our community and the world.

  1. Preaching and teaching that transforms lives
    The church exists to teach God's Word, not only in head knowledge that is full of information but to apply it and to live by it.
  2. Sharing the Love of Christ
    Jesus is the head of the Church, which He has established for the worship and glory of God in all the world.
  3. Wholesome and loving relationships
    An authentic Love will be our motivation for all we do, not only with words but with action. We desire to build kind, merciful and accountable relationships through the deliberate nurturing of one another.
  4. Serving by every member with humility
    Not everyone is an elder, but every believer has a ministry. We want everyone to be involved, serving in the areas in which God has gifted them and doing so with an attitude of unity and humility.
  5. Worship that exalts God and inspires people
    Worship is done 24/7, expressed through our personal lives and in His presence as a corporate body. True worship shows excellence through much preparation and yet being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Our time together will inspire people to desire God.